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May 22, 2004 - July 4th, 2018. Its my Retirement Birthday. Last post July 4th, 2018.  
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August 19, 2017 Great Birthday
Good Nite. Thanks to all that dropped by tonight. Special thanks to those that stayed up way too late; many are still up. It is always enjoyable to have someone up late with D.O.C.; to listen to; everyone had a lot of interesting things this week. See you tomorrow if you can make it. Pop in whenever you like. Share your stories. Loved hearing about you. Keep us informed. We love to hear your stories and news. I'll check in every now and then. Enjoy the pictures and the show. Rod. 5/22/2017

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***Addemdum 8/21/2018 Great day for some. This is Rod's last writing for the year. Naah. He won't be updating his blog during the elections this fall for Russian Conspiracy hubla. The site will remain passive. This latest writing will finish in a couple of days, Then, he will take some time off from writing and see you next year. 8/24/2018 wraps it up folks with perfect denominators 24/3=8, or 2 raised to the third power = 2^3=2*2*2=8 = 222 plus 21/3=7+7+7 or 222777(God) all eights equaling all two(s) and seven(s) what a great way to end this story. The way it started. Merry Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy New Year. Rod.
I finally got to the bottom of what the "hell" was going on with my taxes. Thanks for all the communications Mr. and Mrs. IRS. 2015, I filled a different form, a 1040A instead of a 1040, so they did not put my business activity on the IRS transcript but just the Business Name. 2016, I filed a 1040 instead, so the Business numbers were put on the IRS transcript. The name was not missing, that was in 2017, and because I did not have any sales in 2017, they did not put the name of the business on the IRS tax transcript. 2017, I also put the same income in non-taxable, into taxable, but it was non-taxable which made about an $8,000 mistake that they, the IRS, saved me from paying taxes on, that the IRS corrected for me on the IRS tax account printout. And that genius professor said, "what are you going to do sale produce off the back of a truck for $15,000 a year; well, he was close to one of those tax years in business. Maybe, he was just that good. So, I have no major tax problems folks. But, someone did try to fabricate and frame a "false business tax consideration" with my personal blog with a phone call with false statements about gifts to UNLV. A real scumbag working for the government; scumbag network because they are willing to bring false legal claims against individuals to frame someone for rewards. No way Rod would ever plead guilty to any felonies; he has never had any felonious-malicious criminal intent in mistakes he has made in life.        
*** Don't be a hoot pay your taxes or "Press 1" for the Warrant or "Press 2" to your own decline. Pay your taxes fools and contact the IRS when you think there is an error. And stop calling leaving nut-job messages like today for that wiretap, think its April 15th again? I ain't the President's lawyer, nor political consultant, nor accountant. Never talked to the man. Though, I support most Presidents in Office, Clinton, Bush, and Obama thru their trials, impeachment, and tribulations. Never talked to the men. But, wish them all success as Presidents of this Great Land called America. My America. Never talked to any Russians. I doubt if anyone is actually following my personal blog, but me and a few others; and you of course, and those trolls; 18 different type of trolls you know http://www.smosh.com/articles/18-types-of-internet-trolls . So, I won't be closing my freedom of speech blog. It has violated no laws; trolls. If it does bother you, you keep calling, stop visiting, stop trollowing me. You must be learning something. Thanks. Rod. Keeping America Great.

I remember watching those old Dragnet movies about finances, wiretaps, and hidden microphones hidden in rooms. This is a good clip on how they work. Now, you can understand what a perjury trap is. Rod's professor talked to the class about how to deal with an FBI investigation. I think he said, shut the door and do not say anything to these people. Likely, because when they ask you a question, they already know the answer with concrete evidence, and just want you to lie; the "Perjury Trap." Now that you have watched the film, lets continue:

           ***Addemdum 8/21/2018 Great day for some. 21 represent God and the two "8s" equals Cohen 8 Counts and Manaford 8 Counts so God sent Rod a call to respond in the eyes of God. 

In the closing of the Russian Conspiracy case at the end of this page, Rod tell you his opinion on Plan "A" turning into Plan "B." Rod is not a lawyer, but give him a couple hours and he will give you a mock closing statement to what he thinks is a Scumbag witness, comparable to what he has experienced from government operatives, and those of his like kind; real scumbag working for the government; scumbags, which Rod will give the Argument, that these networks are willing to bring false legal claims against individuals to frame someone for rewards. Rod belief and argument is that these acts were premeditated. Real scumbag working for the government; scumbag network because they are willing to bring false legal claims against individuals to frame someone for rewards. The Fake News will keep the Russian Conspiracy Theories going on for the 50 years. Sorry, I will be enjoying "Heaven on Earth" hopefully as predicted in the Bible by then. The fake-hacks will also continue:
CNBC. “U.S. Democrats Says Report on Cyber Attack Was False Alarm.” CNBC, CNBC, 23 Aug. 2018, www.cnbc.com/2018/08/23/reuters-america-u-s-democrats-says-report-on-cyber-attack-was-false-alarm.html

Rod just finished up a case at the Veterans Hospital, this week, the week of the "8s" where two doctors and a nurse were willing to put false statements in medical documents and fabricate a false document, back date it, full of lies to try to help government; but of course Rod uncovered the lies, their scheme fail, and Rod brought the evidence forward to show they were liars working to try to help a government outcome. Real scumbag working for the government; scumbag network because they are willing to bring false legal claims against individuals to frame someone for rewards. They were all women, similar to that liar at UNLV you hear on the tape recording that they erased from Rod's voicemail The government erased the damaging voicemails in that case too! They must wonder did he tape record and record those voicemails too! Now, they give Rod a call to be quiet. Not.
           Yes, these scumbag networks have existed at the Veterans Hospital for a couple of decades, located in State Government Universities, and are now called the Swamp in Washington. The President Trump (No criminal intent) has fired a large number of choices for trying to keep this Network operative. The FBI has fired and resignated an untold amount of members to drain this Swamp and still uncovering more to fire just last week. After the election, Senate in control, some has suggested it will be time to clean house of this Network swamp operating within many government agencies. Scumbags making personal tape recordings for no other purpose other than drive book sales, blackmailing, or peddling to the highest bidder who will offer them the most rewards. Read the below evidence in the Russian Conspiracy case and after two years there has been no evidence brought forward, but what can be fabricated after the act. If you listen to the scumbag on the tape, it was not the President leading the conversation, it was one person leading the conversation, making sure the right names are recorded, controlling the conversation, controlling the events for his commissioned dollars, was this some of that $20 million he received in the reported bank fraud, and leading to make sure the President agree to his terms, making a tape recording for more money because he is the lawyer, he knows what the law of breaking campaign law is. He is the lawyer with the duty of telling the President that he was breaking a law (No criminal intent by the President); the scumbag set up everything to break the law. This person did the same in court, he did not name the President exactly, he stated the law to the Judge, he knew the law, that in my argument in the next paragraph was a possible frame of the President.

       ***Addemdum 8/21/2018 Great day for some. 21 represent God and the two "8s" equals Cohen 8 Counts and Manaford 8 Counts so God sent Rod a call to respond in the eyes of God. 

     The scumbag plead guilty to 8 counts of fraud. Is not he an eight time felon. What Judge would allow an admitted eight time felon to testify against anyone about truth in a case. He admitted he is a fraudster, eight times. A case, in the same day, that testified that only believed about 40% of the evidence against another person, 8 out of 18, in another case brought against a similar person, like the scumbag, with a possibility of 80 to 300 years and a scumbag who plead to be an 8 time felon will testify truthfully for 5 years? Why should not Manaford be given an equal pardon, did not the President say he was a good man that made a few mistakes? What Judge or Legitimate Body relying on law would allow an eight time felon that agreed that he is a fraudster eight times but not this one to testify to anything? Kangaroo court maybe. Would you believe anything this individual says, not even his own, or feds, tape recording represents the truth, in Rod's belief. 
Rod opinion is that the tape seemed like it was made for someone acting in an informant role. (Entrapment, criminal intent with malice.) 
The swamp. Was not Papadopoluous, or maybe this scumbag, sent a message, this week, before this other person went before a judge, that Papadopolusous did not give the feds enough, so they request long or max sentencing? Was not this a message to every scumbag out there, even eight time felons that if you say the right thing, or tell a lie against someone, or set someone up fabricating evidence, or making tape recordings, that they will be rewarded with money, time with the family, and go home quicker? Is not this the swamp that sentence innocent people in jail? As before? Read the below case.

            The Russian case is tainted from Congress down. Now, they will further taint their case with testimony from the eight time fraudster and eight time felon if all the charges did rise to that level; giving this admitted scumbag the benefit of the doubt, but I think it was reported that all the charges did rise to that level.

Organization. “Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to 8 Felony Charges, Claims Trump Directed Hush Payments.” CBS News, CBS Interactive, 22 Aug. 2018, www.cbsnews.com/live/video/20180822130003-michael-cohen-pleads-guilty-to-8-felony-charges-claims-trump-directed-hush-payments/
Stewart, Emily. “Michael Cohen Is Reportedly Being Investigated for $20 Million in Bank and Tax Fraud.” Vox, Vox, 20 Aug. 2018, www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/8/20/17759112/michael-cohen-bank-fraud-taxi-business

Schmidt, Michael S., et al. “Michael Cohen Releases Tape of Trump Discussing Hush Money for Playboy Model.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 25 July 2018, www.nytimes.com/2018/07/24/us/politics/trump-cohen-tape.html
Lachlan Markay, Asawin Suebsaeng, Sam Stein. “To 'Cash In' on Trump's Presidency, Michael Cohen Sold Clients on Secrecy and Access.” The Daily Beast, The Daily Beast Company, 10 May 2018, www.thedailybeast.com/to-cash-in-on-trumps-presidency-michael-cohen-sold-clients-on-secrecy-and-access
No Criminal Intent
Mac, Amber, and Amber Mac. “Meet The Corporate Fixers: 5 Business Leaders Tasked With Tackling Big Problems.” Fast Company, Fast Company, 24 Jan. 2014, www.fastcompany.com/3025380/meet-the-corporate-fixers-5-business-leaders-tasked-with-tackling-big-problems

      The scumbag did not flip on the President, the President maintain he was innocent relying on bad advice from his legal counsel (No criminal intent from the President). If you listening to the tape, the scumbag is in control of the act, and leading the criminal act, and is the only one who admitted in court that he intended to break the law, along with his other 8 fraudulent acts who has been rewarded a reduction to nothing much in sentencing if the eight time admitted felon say the President was his partner in crime. He flipped on himself and admitted he was a criminal with criminal intent from the beginning of the act. He stated in court that he knew the law. (Criminal Intent). He would take a bullet or die for the President is a lie now and Rod argue it was a lie then. This scumbag was reported hustling himself for sale as the man to get to the President. He was hustling the same line when he was in contact with those two women wanting and receiving money from him. The $130,000 heist was set up. Yes, he long ago flipped on the President. He was tape recording for the highest bidder before the election. The second heist was in the works; ground work being laid; to set up the President. The scumbag new the law, while making a tape recording setting up the President, he was reported he was also, designing, architecture, the financial documents to set up the President. The whole thing could have been done legal as required that the scumbag lawyer design the accounting legally. He told the President that he needed to "set up a company" but he never told the President that he was setting up anything illegal. But is not this the whole case, no criminal intent by the President heard on the tape-recording. The scumbag is setting up everything and he never said on the tape that any of it was illegal or violating campaign finance law? Business do not have the knowledge of law as lawyers. 

The argument is that he was setting the President up with the campaign finance scheme long before the President knew what was going on. Even with a tape recording in his pocket, the President still believed this scumbag would die for him, while calling his name as his legal counsel giving him misleading messages to give to the public on an Airplane. (The President, no criminal intent, bad advice from corrupt attorneys violating the law.) A attorney has a certain duty to provide a person with advice not intentionally violating the law. But, it may have reported that the President did not make a misleading statement, he was speaking only of knowledge at a certain time in the event. I guess he did not no about it at a certain time but eventually became full blown aware of the demands from the heist.
A thousand people could come forward, Guilliani already did, that the President requested, directed this scumbag, he could have done it on national TV, he was being recorded, he could not have known entirely what this scumbag was up to, President being set up. The scumbag could have fix the problem as an attorney by directing the President to make the payment himself, by check or cash or money order or cashier check, which would have been legal to hush up a lie about an affair before his family and wife (No Criminal Intent) but the scumbag appears to try to frame the President with "Solicitation of a Crime.". The scumbag testified in court that he knew the law in full. The scumbag had a fiduciary duty to advise the President of that law and work within that law. Where is that tape recording. If this Fiduciary duty was breached between client and attorney then the President should not be bound by the attorney's bad acts of conduct not advising the President on the proper way to handle a situation within the law?

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/15/attorney-lisa-bloom-sought-to-line-up-paydays-for-women-accusing-trump-sexual-misconduct-report.html (No name cited).

" A lawyer can't advise or help a client to do something that is illegal or fraudulent, though. The lawyer also has a duty to keep the client informed of the status of the client's matter. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you should have confidence that he or she will provide competent, diligent representation, that he or she will not represent someone whose interests are adverse to yours, and that he or she will keep your confidences and keep you informed of how your matter is proceeding."
  Good Attorneys Fix (Fixer) things within the Law
“What Can You Expect From Your Lawyer?” AllLaw.com, www.alllaw.com/articles/legal/article6.aspB     But, the President was being set up, and there was a need to get the President on something illegal. Has not the President stated continuously that in his mind there was no criminal intent then and none now on his part. Thus, he did not have the same intentions as the scumbag had. There was no partners in crime? The President was no partner in crime with this scumbag but a Businessman directing a reputable paid lawyer, up to now, to fix a problem; within the bounds of the law? In Rod's opinion, a person should never waive or surrender attorney representation nor attorney client privilege in most cases. Court rooms are not about someone liking you, but admissible evidence obtain legally under due process of law and the Rules of Evidence. A lawyer you waive attorney client privilege may themselves create evidence against a person with their opinions, maybe wrong, maybe negative, maybe hostile, maybe personal hate for their client, that may now be unprotected when you waive such privileges. A lawyer may be faced with considering whether their client is a liar and The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) gives advice on the way forward with this. A lawyer may testify to mens res, what is the state of mind of their client, criminal intent or just innocently fucking up. Well, after scumbags stunt with tape recording of the President a dozen times and writing and selling books by other scumbags, whose to say that any lawyers' working for the President are truthful about anything they testify to about this President. A book deal or untold amount of promises, rewards, money, may be in the waiting for anyone who can "Bring down this President" by lie, frame, fabrication, or fraud; highly unprecedented in nature for government employees. There need to be laws passed by Congress to advert these kind of action for future Presidents; this type of investigation should not be the standard for and investigations and should not set precedent for behavior of law enforcement, media, informants, and government party biased intelligence agencies. 
In Rod's opinion, if there is no tape of this, there is no case to even bring before a grand jury or any competent court or body of the law. The scumbag has already pleaded guilty to his crimes against the President before a Judge in a competent court of law.

Nothing. Humm. Rod generally does not talk about a phone message left to him by a stranger. Okay, today 4/16/2018 Rod will write this page, maybe two or more about that strange woman, J.......e. Rod will call her student and not use her real name, or something or another. She called Rod yesterday posing as a UNLV student, maybe so, and she made a false statement or two left on his voicemail. Rod does not have her number on the caller ID, so he will correct the recorded, in case any 702 wire-taps, ha, ha; Rod's conversation openness about this matter. As of 5/5/2018 someone erased the message from Rod's voice mail, destroying evidence! Could he have already tape recorded the message off the voicemail they must wonder? After you read this, start your own investigation and questioning about things mentioned that effect you, social media as a utility and you pay-to-use, your rights to "due process" under the law, and your vote without intimidation from the opposite political bodies. If you copy and paste a link to view into your address bar, there are further readings on most issues.

                                                         Scumbag Lawyer, Malpractice           If you have been the victim of following a scumbag attorney; it probably would be wise to admit you followed bad advice and get your shit straight before you end up in court. (No malicious intent.) You know all the fucked up shit you done in your life while following a scumbag attorney because he sure will know that shit he coerced you into being involved with or make it up.

                                                 Good Attorneys Fix (Fixer) things within the Law
“What Can You Expect From Your Lawyer?” AllLaw.com, www.alllaw.com/articles/legal/article6.asp by Rebecca Berlin If you've never worked with a lawyer before, you may not know what to expect from the Attorney-Client relationship. A lawyer owes certain duties to his or her clients, including a duty to avoid conflicts of interest, a duty of confidentiality, a duty to provide competent representation, and others. But what does this mean to you? The lawyer's duty to avoid conflicts of interest means that your lawyer cannot represent someone else whose interests are adverse to yours. This doesn't necessarily mean that a lawyer can't represent someone whose business is in competition with yours. If you need a lawyer to draw up articles of incorporation for your bakery it doesn't mean that the lawyer cannot draft articles of incorporation for another bakery or assist another bakery in negotiating a lease. It does mean that if a lawyer is representing you, he or she can't represent someone else whose interests are adverse to yours in that matter. So if the lawyer is helping you negotiate a lease, the lawyer can't represent the other party to that lease or another person who wants the same space. A lawyer can represent two parties who may have adverse interests if both parties are fully informed and consent to the representation. This might happen where two people want to go into business together, but just want to hire one person to draft their partnership agreement. It might seem like their interests are the same – they both want to open a business together. But each individual's own personal concerns could be at odds with the other's. The lawyer's duty of confidentiality means that anything you talk about with him or her is kept secret. This means that you can feel free to discuss the details of your business with your lawyer without worrying that your competitors or anyone else will hear about it. The lawyer's duty to provide competent representation means that a lawyer must tell you if he or she does not have the expertise to handle your matter. A lawyer is permitted to take a reasonable amount of time to become familiar with an area of law. But if it is too complex, or if the lawyer doesn't have the time to get up to speed on the matter, then he or she should refer you to an attorney who practices in that particular area. A lawyer also has a duty to diligently represent the client. The lawyer should vigorously represent the client's point of view. A lawyer can't advise or help a client to do something that is illegal or fraudulent, though. The lawyer also has a duty to keep the client informed of the status of the client's matter. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you should have confidence that he or she will provide competent, diligent representation, that he or she will not represent someone whose interests are adverse to yours, and that he or she will keep your confidences and keep you informed of how your matter is proceeding."
              Scumbag Mistrial Possibilities
     And this argument is Rod's opinion, belief, from the evidence that is available. Every thing has phases, Sessions has served the President well staying out of the investigation exposing the investigation to fruition what no one would have ever known. It fruition to its max when the scumbag celebrated over the last months that he was going to bring the President; and his family, possible down with Tom Arnold. He planted the seed, the evidence, the breaking of laws, into the President's campaign, business, family, and possible he had many connections to Russians from his growing up. Nothing honorable for my country came from this scumbag. Maybe, he sold one family out to save his $20,000,000 stash to enjoy with his family.

     Sessions has served honorable. The President has pushed him. Sessions has acted properly for two years. but, everything has phases some think.
Dennis, Steven T. “Trump Gets Path to Fire Sessions Later as Key Republicans Relent.” Bloomberg.com, Bloomberg, 23 Aug. 2018, Bloomberg.com, Bloomberg, www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-23/graham-says-he-expects-trump-to-oust-sessions-after-electionsAmatulli, Jenna. “Tom Arnold Says He's 'Taking Trump Down' With Michael Cohen's Help.” The Huffington Post, TheHuffingtonPost.com, 22 June 2018, www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tom-arnold-taking-trump-down-with-michael-cohens-help_us_5b2cff6ae4b0321a01d087a8

     It is Rod's argument, belief, opinion, that anything that stem from this scumbag's name should not be allowed in court, or at most should result in a Judge's mistrial because of the way the evidence was produced. Here, you saw him on TV in the last month, a person with great hate for a President, boosting to bring him down, with criminal evidence that he fabricated against the President, the business, the campaign and possible the whole family. He would never die for this President while setting him up, building a criminal case, the scumbag knows the law, fabricating evidence, document advice, business advise to entrap the Trump name in possible criminal activity. Maybe, this scumbag hated this successful business man 10 years ago and decided to bring him down.

     The scumbag would serve his country to announce who his business partners really have been to take down this President for the last 10 years. How much of his five year sentence, or maybe no sentence, came from his partners while he was fabricating and tape-recording evidence. The Trump Organization should be immune from investigation until the scumbag expose who his business partners have been to take down the Trump name. He already name one, Tom Arnold. Isn't giving, preparing, tape-recording, entrapping, framing creating false evidence:

“Giving False Evidence or Misleading Information | McElfresh Law.” Jessica C. McElfresh, www.criminallawyersandiego.com/crimes-police-government/giving-false-evidence/
Fox News. “Mueller Team Criticized by Fellow Attorneys for History of Questionable Tactics.” Fox News, FOX News Network, 20 Oct. 2017, www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/20/mueller-team-criticized-by-fellow-attorneys-for-history-questionable-tactics.html